11 Feb Atachi Systems Contribution to Fight Covid-19

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Atachi Systems Pledges Free Mes Software For 50 Small Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Pharma And Life Sciences Manufacturers For 1 Year.

Atachi Systems Pledges Free MES software for 50 Small Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Pharma and Life Sciences Manufacturers for 1 year.

Atachi Systems would like to join the community in helping the small and medium manufacturers by providing Next Generation Manufacturing Execution Systems (NGIMES) software for the next 12 months for free.

[San Jose, California, USA]NGIMES is the “premiere” MES for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies that use SAP ERP. It helps comply with 21CFR Part 11 electronic signatures, FDA audits, validation and confirms to US FDA cGMP requirements. Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies can take advantage of the cloud based MES (NGIMES) to contain costs while delivering accelerated performance with its in-memory computing platform.

Free Ebmr Softwares (Next Generation Manufacturing Execution Systems (NGIMES) software ) By Atachi Systems, USA
Atachi Systems Pledges Free MES software for 50 Small Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Pharma and Life Sciences Manufacturers for 1 year.

Atachi Systems is pledging to give the NGIMESNext Gen MES software (SAP Certified for being built on SAP Cloud Platform) running in the cloud FREE for the next 12 months for the first 50 small and mid-size manufacturers.

Due to Coronavirus epidemic, a new medical urgency has emerged now, and the disease burden of the world has increased manifold. To fight against this, it will be essential for pharmaceutical companies to develop effective new medicines to address the demands of the whole world at a faster pace than ever. Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers are working very hard to produce the drugs and medical supplies, the demand for which is much higher than ever anticipated, that can provide the relief for the humanity at this time.

It is critical time for the humanity to fight against this epidemic and for this the Pharma manufacturers will have to collaborate with numerous service providers to deliver packages of care.

The fact that governments and health insurers everywhere are struggling to contain their expenditure. The issue is further exacerbated by the current economic turmoil that will put even greater financial pressure on the payer community. All the governments and businesses across the world have joined in funding the efforts to overcome this crisis.

Atachi Systems (atachisystems.com) would like to join hands with the community in helping the small and medium manufacturers in producing the medical supplies or devices and drugs in a compliant manner by giving our Next Generation Manufacturing Execution Systems (NGIMES), software for the next 12 months for free without any strings attached to continue the software afterwards. For speeding up manufacturing the drugs and medical devices and diagnostics and delivering it to the market.
“We take pride in honouring Atachi Systems as one among the 10 MES companies that are specialized in providing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing solutions,” said Stacey Smith, Managing Editor of Pharma Tech Outlook.

The cloud-based NGIMES platform offers a quality user experience, allowing effectively manage manufacturing operations using a single unified system. End-to-end supply chain and production visibility enables you to stay on top of every material movement and changes in production data across the enterprise.

NGIMES offers seamless setup and does not require investments in additional servers or IT maintenance. It’s highly flexible to serve complex manufacturing companies of all sizes without disrupting existing infrastructure. Integration is seamless with your other applications, either on the cloud or on the premises.

About Atachi Systems:

Atachi Systems provides manufacturing companies with a seamless, cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System that reduces dependencies on infrastructure, lowers maintenance costs, and improves access to real-time visibility of shop-floor operations for engineers and managers at all levels. The company was founded in 2007 to streamline the MES solutions that enable discrete and continuous manufacturing companies to improve efficiency and grow profits.

For more info, visit: www.atachisystems.com

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Atachi Systems (www.atachisystems.com)

23 Dec Why Global and Indian Pharma companies choose Atachi NGIMES (Next Generation Integrated MES) Solution?

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Why Global and Indian Pharma companies choose Atachi NGIMES (Next Generation Integrated MES) Solution
Why Global and Indian Pharma companies choose Atachi NGIMES (Next Generation Integrated MES) Solution

NGIMES is one of the top 10 Global MES solutions for Pharma companies in the world.
Pharma MES SWOT analysis by global research firms.

Atachi Systems provides manufacturing companies with o seamless,  cloud-based manufacturing Execution System – NGIMES. NGIMES is the Next Generation Integrated Manufacturing Execution Systems. Atachi Systems’ experience in deploying MES for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies for several years in a row is a testimonial on its own. Put simply, Atachi Systems understands the importance of deploying on MES system that is strategic to its core manufacturing requirements, yet cost effective to maintain and run for years to come! Our clients call it the Atachi Advantage. NGIMES is highly configurable Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

NGIMES can be quickly deployed for the bulk drugs, API, formulation and packaging sections of the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Meet market demands, increase output and raise ROI by utilizing on MES-in-the-cloud solution from Atachi. From the shop floor to on office, vital data can   be viewed   anywhere. And because the information is real-time, decision-making con be done to creole instant results. It’s all about speed and production with compliance in Pharma manufacturing and nobody is quicker or generates better results than Atachi NGIMES.


Why the Indian pharma companies need to digitize their operations or move to the Pharma 4.0?

A. Right now, the Indian pharma market is under the highest pressure because of the following reasons:

I. Emerging global generic drug exports to the developed countries

ii. if we do not ensure that our manufacturing processes are compliant with the FDA regulations, Indian pharma companies will lose the market opportunities, which is multi-billion dollars.

iii. The FDA Process is getting stringent every day, and FDA compliance will be enforced for all pharma companies exporting to the developed countries.

iv. Compliance is the only thing that will let you to export drugs to these countries

v. Warning letters are very expensive, which can cause product recalls, plant shutdowns, etc.

Q: Let us say if an Indian pharma company received an FDA or Compliance warning letter how quickly Atachi can help? What is your approach?

A. We have been deploying the MES solutions in the pharma industry for the last 14 years. The best

approach is to plug-in or integrate all the PLC’s and ensure that the data is captured in real-time, in other words, we implement the IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) first. This deployment typically takes 10-12 weeks, in this phase we capture the data in real-time and ensure that there are no data integrity issues with the process data.

b. In the second phase, we deploy the MES solution, which is also called as EBMR (Electronic Batch Manufacturing Record), where all the manufacturing processes are digitized end-to- end. It will eliminate human errors, and once again, the data integrity issues are resolved.

c. At every stage of the processes, we capture the electronic signatures of the associates and generate the real time alerts via SMS and email for any process deviations and ensure that the only qualified batches are shipped out to the customers.

Q: What is so unique about Atachi systems and why do you think, Atachi is a perfect fit for Indian pharma companies?

A: We are bringing 14 years of global pharma manufacturing digitization expertise to Indian pharma companies. It distinguishes us from the local MES solutions providers. Atachi has worked with several top global pharma manufacturing companies who have used the other MES platforms and struggled to get the value out of these MES platforms; hence we call them legacy platforms. Atachi NGIMES platform has eliminated all the pain points that companies are struggling with legacy platforms. Our platform is the only MES solution entirely built on SAP HANA platform that leverages Big Data analytics and AI, which need tomorrow’s business. Because of these reasons, Atachi systems has been listed as TOP Global MES platforms by several research firms in the last few years, repeatedly.

Q: What are Atachi solutions offerings for Pharma 4.0?

A. We are the End-To-End Manufacturing Digitization Platform company helping the pharma manufacturers to get them on to the Pharma 4.0 journey and realize complete business agility (quickly and cost-effectively) for their customers with real-time insights. As part of our platform, we offer EBMR, eLogBooks, DMS, CAPA, IIOT, TMS, Supplier quality management, Real-time analytics, Mobility, big data, and AI at a single license cost. Users don’t need to pay separately for each functionality; everything comes as a single package in a USE-AS-NEEDED approach.

Q: Given that you are offering so many modules, are you charging the customer for all these modules?

A.  No, Absolutely not! We are very inexpensive;

On average, we charge 1/4th of top global MES platforms.

b. Let me give an example, one of our customers was using a legacy MES platform and paid a few hundred thousand dollars to customize and integrate their MES platform with their ERP systems. When we implemented our solution, that is natively built in SAP HANA platform, our total MES solution costed the customer 1/6th of their (prior MES -ERP) integration cost, not the licensing cost or implementation cost. We deployed the entire solution 1/6th of what they paid just for (MES-ERP) integration. Our complete solution is much cheaper because we built everything on modern technology, and you need any additional hardware/server or middleware. So, our TCO is much lower than anyone else.

Q: What are the other unique features that will make you standout or go-to-the-solution-provider?

A.  We are proud to say that our solution is highly scalable and seamlessly integrates with on-premises, cloud, and hybrid third party applications. Our implementation timelines are typically down to 50% – 65% less than the legacy MES platforms’ deployment times. Atachi NGIMES platform saves a significant amount of time and effort for validations of MES applications for pharma manufactures.

Q: I heard from Indian pharma community, when they are committed to deploy MES systems, they do not get much ROI? Is it true?

A. This statement is true to some extent. Actually,

we have a lot of legacy systems in foreign markets. These legacy systems take lot of time, effort, and money to deploy because these legacy MES systems need tedious installations, validations, and expensive post go-live support. When we talk about Indian pharma, a lot of the MES solutions are point solutions, which means they provide piece by piece functionality or partial functionalities. These solutions provide quick relief, and many times seemed to be cheaper, but customers end up with a lot of integration and quick upgrade costs. Also, these solutions do not give customers a holistic view of manufacturing. The end result is still data integrity and compliance problems unresolved, even after 2 to 3 years of journey. Hence a lot of Indian pharma manufacturers are frustrated with these legacy systems and point solutions. Atachi systems solution is different; Our MES is built on modern technology and provides a holistic view of the manufacturing. We also work with the customers, hand-in-hand and provide data analytics on where they are losing quality, availability, and throughput, etc. For example, we worked with one of the top pharma company in the US; They implemented our Atachi NGIMES -IIOT solution and uncovered the 10% of hidden factory by closely working with us. What is the benefit? They are able to save 200 to 300 Million dollars, bottom line by improving the availability, quality, and throughput.

Q: What are the typical steps for a pharma company to implement your MES solution?

A. We will start with an initial meeting with customer, followed by factory visit and then we do a POC for one production line. We do it completely free; they do not need to pay any implementation or product cost. They can experience the product and if they are satisfied, we can go ahead and do the complete implementation for the factory, based on what the customer needs EBMR, IIOT, DMS, QMS etc. There are no hidden costs for all these products. The entire platform is available for customer.

Q: How about eLogBooks for Pharma manufacturers?
Do you provide that along with other solutions? We do not charge the customers for the eLogBooks. If some Pharma companies need eLogBooks, then they can reach out to Atachi systems! It is completely free. The only thing you need to pay a one-time cost for customization and implementation.

29 Dec Lowering supply chain costs

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Executives of manufacturing companies are always looking for ways to reduce the cost of their supply chain. If they can somehow lower the amount of money and time it takes for a product to go from the developmental stage to manufacturing into the hands of consumers, the executive can raise profits and expand the company. The supply chain is the key to entire business, so lowering those costs – while still manufacturing high-quality goods – is a tricky task.

According to manufacturing.net, the supply chain takes up between 50 and 70 percent of a company’s total costs. Given that type of investment, developing a strategy for lowering expenses is both important and complex. Weighing the risks and rewards of any sort of move requires a great knowledge to how the chain operates, as well as a clear vision of the end goal.

There are ways, however, to reduce the costs of a supply chain without taking too large of a bite out of productivity. Understand how these tactics could boost a business’s production output and its bottom line.

Reconfigure the supply chain design
One reason a business may not be generating as much profit as projected may not have anything to do with the products you’re selling or the prices you charge. Instead, it could be the layout of your supply chain. Work may be going slower or not as efficiently as it could because workers are not in the best position to succeed.

According to Lora Cecere, the founder of Supply Chain Insights, only 22 percent of businesses actively design their supply chain. The rest just let the chips fall where they may, so to speak. Writing for Forbes, Cecere stated that executives should examine factors such as the function of the inventory, the alignment of suppliers and the design of the channel. By creating a specific plan, a business is allowing its workers and equipment to be more efficient.

Supply chain manufacturing A smarter supply chain can lead to a more profitable business for manufacturing companies.

Eliminate false savings
Many business owners fall into the trap of paying more for shipping and transportation in lieu of keeping more goods in-house. These executives are so desperate to keep their shop floors clean and their inventory low that they are willing to overspend on express shipping or storage elsewhere. However, all of that is factored into the supply chain costs and may be one of the reasons why a manufacturing company may not have generated the profits they expected, Inbound Logistics explained.

Calculating every aspect of the business, including transportation, storage and express deliveries, will give you a better understanding of the supply chain costs. It may turn out that the amount your company is paying to ship goods quickly instead of keeping an inventory is a gross negative expense. These false savings can doom a company and its supply chain if not corrected quickly. Make the decisions that are best for your company as a whole, not the ones that are just assumed to be the smartest choice.

Examine shipping policies
Manufacturing.net explained that by taking a smarter approach to their delivery process, a manufacturing company can lower total costs of the supply chain. From shipping more in bulk to using smarter visibility software that tracks how much of a product is being sold, the advanced ways of thinking will prevent a business from wasting its time, money or resources when trying to deliver its goods.

Use the cloud
Having software that tracks supply chain costs and can identify specific problem areas to fix can help you make the necessary changes before it’s too late. With so much going on, it can often be difficult to spot areas that are lagging behind, which is why having advanced technology that is tied to every aspect of the chain is valuable.

NGIMES, by Atachi, does just that for a manufacturing business. With rapid response times and real-time visibility, you are able to see what issues a supply chain is having and make the corrections right away. By providing instant access to important data, NGIMES is a must-have tool for business leaders who are looking to lower their supply chain costs and improve their manufacturing production.

4 Aug Atachi Systems Announces Availability of Its NGIMES Cloud Application for Manufacturing, Running on SAP HANA® Cloud Platform, Now Live on SAP® Store

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Atachi Systems Announces Availability of Its NGIMES Cloud Application for Manufacturing, Running on SAP HANA® Cloud Platform, Now Live on SAP® Store

NGIMES Delivers Performance, Scalability and Cost-Efficiency to Manufacturing Operations

SAN JOSE, Calif. — August 04, 2015 — Atachi Systems today announced availability of its NGIMES, a next-generation application for manufacturing execution systems (MES), which runs on SAP HANA® Cloud Platform. The solution provides customers real-time visibility of their manufacturing operations, delivering performance, scalability and cost-efficiency. The company has also launched its storefront on the SAP® Store, where it will market and sell its NGIMES cloud application.

NGIMES helps significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of an MES application. Performance and scalability are in-built features of SAP HANA Cloud Platform and NGIMES, relieving manufacturers of IT applications maintenance with a single point of ownership.

As a member of the SAP PartnerEdge® program for Application Development, Atachi Systems developed its application leveraging SAP HANA Cloud Platform. SAP HANA Cloud Platform enabled Atachi to develop the enterprise application NGIMES much faster and more cost-effectively than other technology options available.

The SAP PartnerEdge program for Application Development is a simple and comprehensive program designed to empower partners to build, market and sell software applications on top of market-leading technology platforms from SAP. It provides the enablement tools, benefits and support to facilitate building high-quality, disruptive applications focused on specific business needs – quickly and cost-effectively. The program provides access to all relevant SAP technologies in one simplified framework under a single, global contract. Once developed, participants can market and sell their applications on SAP Store.

SAP Store is the online e-commerce channel or “e-channel” for enterprise solutions and services from SAP and its partners. SAP Store is the place for customers to gain instant access to the insight they need to make informed buying decisions. They have the ability to discover, try, purchase and deploy a wide range of solutions from SAP and the SAP partner ecosystem.

About Atachi Systems

Based in San Jose, CA, Atachi Systems provides manufacturing companies with a seamless, cloud-based manufacturing execution system that reduces dependencies on infrastructure, lowers maintenance costs and improves access to real-time data.

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