Tire manufacturers are continuously facing the challenges:

  • To provide the highly durable tires
  • To keep the cost of the tire under control
  • Deliver the fuel-efficient tires with the right substitution for raw material without yielding for the component separation.
  • Reducing the carbon foot-print and/ensure that environmental measures are met

It is critical for every tire manufacturer to ensure the following:

  • Right recipe is followed
  • Right Quality sampling and inspection tests are followed for the Raw materials and components
  • Process parameters are strictly executed at different operations
  • 1. Mixing
  • 2. Green tire building
  • 3. Tire curing
  • Final inspection results are captured
  • Record the deviations at every step and ensure that the deviations are addressed prior to shipping
  • Develop the analytics for continuous product improvement.

Atachi NGIMES is the right MES for tire manufacturing that comes with the complete set of software applications to accomplish the above production goals and run the business profitably.

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