IOT (IIOT) for Manufacturing

Internet of Things (IOT)/ Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) in Manufacturing

Lately some companies have come up with predictive maintenance algorithms by monitoring the equipment continuously and striking a balance between optimum downtime and higher availability of the machines. For example, SAP predictive analytics for maintenance has leveraged the Predictive analytics and SAP HANA capabilities ( .

With IOT and predictive analytics, we can increase the production up-time by moving from preventative maintenance to predictive maintenance.

Atachi has an IOT alliance with Kepware ( to bring the best of the IOT solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Diagnostics and Food and Beverage manufacturing industries. Atachi NGIMES with the help of Kepware IOT Gateway brings the insights from all the shop floor data generated with the PLCs.

Atachi partners with Monnit wireless sensors ( company that manufactures wireless sensors for industry.

Atachi NGIMES provides the full End-to-End IOT solutions that integrates the different wireless sensors and PLCs working on the shop floor by fully leveraging the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (, Monnit sensors and Kepware IOT Gateway.

IOT for pharma can bring significant advantages to the pharmaceutical manufacturers and any manufacturing industry. For the FDA regulated industries such as: pharmaceutical, medical devices and diagnostics, IOT gives extra compliance with the real-time added benefits (integrating the environment, laboratory instruments, etc.).