Higher Efficiency for Lower Costs

Times are changing, and automotive manufacturers need to keep up. A 2015 survey conducted by Gartner and the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association found that 52 percent of companies handle their MES deployments on-site; in two years, that number should drop to 28 percent. More businesses are seeing the value – both financially and from a work efficiency standpoint – of allowing a third party to handle their growing number of manufacturing execution needs.

The cost and time traditional MES requires to run can weigh an automotive manufacturing business down. The counter is Atachi NGIMES – innovative technology run through cloud-based mes solutions for automotive manufacturing which allows work to happen faster while saving money. Instead of utilizing financial and manpower resources to analyze data, Atachi NGIMES allows your business to focus on what it does best – automotive manufacturing.

Make Smart Decisions In Less Time

Included within the NGIMES technology are in-built SPC features, which can simplify how complex data is gathered and collated throughout an organization. Instead of waiting hours, weeks or days for insights to materialize, Atachi can produce useful data for your company instantaneously. Being in the cloud allows executives and stakeholders at all levels to access vital information, intelligence and analytics from any location so they can make business decisions with updated and accurate data.

Atachi NGIMES reduces risk and improves efficiency, all while keeping costs down.

What You Get

  • Significant cost savings and scalability
  • Integration of regulatory and quality requirements
  • In-built SPC data collection
  • Better tracking and traceability features
  • Instant access to sharable analytics
  • Relentless focus on quality processes

How You Benefit

  • Lower TCO
  • Reduced warranty claims
  • Improved production schedule compliance
  • Increased responsiveness to customer demands
  • Accelerated payback period
  • Measured and monitored excellence

Contact Atachi today to learn more about how cloud-based solutions can upgrade your automotive manufacturing company.