About Our Company

Atachi Systems provides manufacturing companies with a seamless, cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System that reduces dependencies on infrastructure, lowers maintenance costs, and improves access to real-time visibility of shop-floor operations for engineers and managers at all levels.

Our NGIMES an integrated mes in the cloud, does just that. Quick to deploy, cost efficient and highly scalable, it’s never been easier to measure real return on your MES investment.

The company was founded in 2007 to streamline the IT services that enable discrete manufacturing companies to improve efficiency and grow profits.

Over the years we have worked closely with the world’s foremost medical device and diagnostics, electronics and other discrete manufacturing companies to evaluate MES vendors, oversee MES ERP systems integrations’, manage leading MES vendor implementations and provide IT support to ensure that our clients benefited from highly productive shop floor systems.

After more than a decade of manufacturing industry expertise across discrete verticals we developed NGIMES to help manufacturing companies gain a competitive edge in rapidly changing industries, by reducing risk, optimizing response time and keeping costs low.

Our mission is to support your success.


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