About Our Company

Atachi Systems provides manufacturing companies with a seamless, cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System – NGIMES. NGIMES is the Next Generation Integrated Manufacturing Execution Systems, that brings the complete portfolio of products to digitize your manufacturing operations. Atachi was founded in 2007 and for more than a decade, Atachi helped several Fortune 500 manufacturing customers in digitizing their manufacturing operations with state-of-the-art MES solutions.

Painful Legacy MES systems Inspired us to build our Next Generation Integrated MES -NGIMES:

  • Legacy MES systems have done a great job in converting the shop floors to paperless and minimizing the human errors and human effort around the product track abilities and increasing the plant efficiencies. Even though some MES vendors have actually built state-of-the art tools back in 1990s, Manufacturing industry has not really adapted well in time at the pace it should/could have been. Every MES company had hoped for more than 20 years that MES would really take-off like an ERP and the industry would consolidate for the top 5 best platforms.
  • Whatever may be the detailed reasons like Manufacturers are not convinced of the expensive MES for their value in return or the obstacles in completing the MES roadmap for the whole enterprise for bigger organizations. Surprisingly organizations spending a decade to bring all the 80-100 plants on to one technology landscape, that is something in the sense that the plants have been getting into the cycle of hardware and software upgrades before the businesses see the quantifiable ROI.
  • As a society of manufacturers, MES software suppliers, MES practitioners, a great eco-systems of IT technologies and IT platforms suppliers we all have evolved to a great maturity. Without this evolution, we wouldn’t be talking about Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Some of the companies are jumping on to this wave as lot of C-Level executives have understood that last 50/20 years has been a different game from next 5 years.
  • When the leadership all over the over world is trying to align their visions to industry 4.0, IIOT, Digitalizing the businesses and enhancing the customer experience, where is the factories stuck at in the game.
    • Maintaining the legacy systems (built 10-20 years back) with lot of human capital allocating for these systems. I mean lot of MES companies with legacy software are literally spending 6 months with a team of approximately 5 people to upgrade the legacy platforms to the latest version, which is not much different from the previous one in the sense that not relieving the bottlenecks. I am not sure if I should call this more like an old house well renovated looks completely like a new house but the foundation is old (1962) with some foundational cracks.
    • Keep on shopping for the point solutions that solve the isolated pain points and don’t have the connectivity in the value chain for the customer.
  • The leadership formulates the vision and aims the alignment whereas the cogs in the wheel (systems in the factory) are not up-to-speed. These systems don’t provide the agility and speed that today’s businesses need for meeting or exceeding the customers’ expectations putting customers experience at the heart of the business.
  • Cloud MES/Cloud-based MES: Today’s IT technologies leave behind the yesterday’s or the last generations’ scalability and performance issues behind. With today’s IT technologies, systems should think for us with Predictive analytics.