MES for Glass | MES for Glass Manufacturing | (Batch Manufacturing Record) BMR for Glass Manufacturing | QMS for Glass | OEE for Glass | Energy Management for Glass Industry

NGIMES for Glass Manufacturing industry provides the complete Integrated System for End-To-End manufacturing functionalities for Tubular and Molded Glass manufacturing industries:

  • Production Order Creation
  • Definition of Raw Material Composition
  • Raw material supplier quality analysis
  • Raw Material Weighing and Dispensing into the Furnace for Molded glass manufacturing or tube loading machines for Tubular glass manufacturing
  • Batch Definition; traceability; history;
  • Definition of SOP; Review and Approval; Version control of the SOP documents
  • Dashboards with Process parameters display across the plant as applicable based on the roles and actions demanded. For e.g. Management of furnace parameters like temperature, pressure, etc in real time
  • Management of quality specification of produced product in real time
  • Instantaneously generate the Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR)/eBMR for Glass batch as the batch gets processed on the floor

Product Tracking:

NGIMES provides the real-time KPI (Key Performance Indicators) like Yield, Work-in-Progess; Production, throughput, Scrap; Packaging Scrap visibility

Total Quality Management System (TQMS)/QMS for Glass Manufacturing:

  • Manufacturing Quality at Cold End and/Hot End: Defining and Applying an AQL Sampling plans for Glass products
  • Process Quality at Hot End: Real-time Monitoring of the Operational parameters along with the generation of NCRs and Alerts for Immediate actions
  • Equipment Quality at Hot End: Mold Defects, Equipment related defects
  • Product Quality at Cold-End: Capture defects with both automated and manual processes
  • Analytics: Defects capturing and Analytics; Daily Production Reports
  • Defect analytics resulting in better quality with minimal wastage

OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) for Glass Industry:

NGIMES provides COMPLETE visibility of total Production Loss due to various Equipment related issues:

  • Equipment Calibration
  • Equipment Downtime
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Job change, etc.

CAPA (Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions):

NGIMES provides End-to-End solutions; process generated NCRs (Non-Confirmation Reports), addressing of issues with root-cause- analysis followed by corrective and preventive actions. CAPA comes with analytics to provide open and closed incidents along with recurring defects.

PLC Integration and Energy Management:

PLC integration to view the real-time process data is a very quick integration task in-built with NGIMES. Atachi NGIMES is fully integrated with the PLCs. These PLCs can be for the furnaces or any machinery on the floor. Our NGIMES keeps track of the energy management for the furnaces and deviations from the specifications along with the alerts and associations.


Email and SMS Alerts is an in-built feature with NGIMES. Alerts can be easily configured to the violations of the business rules defined.


Analytics/Reports that can be viewed on all the browser enabled devices at ease without any extra investment/software coding.

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