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Most of the MES systems in today’s MES market are legacy on-premise systems that need lot of maintenance and upgrade costs and time. No doubt couple of these legacy MES systems were state-of-the art MES systems at the time of building 20 years back. Even though few of these systems changed their underlying platforms but still struggling to accommodate the today’s business needs of speed and agility. Having deployed for the last 10+ years these legacy MES or On-premise MES systems, Atachi has built the cloud-based MES or cloud MES leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform technologies. Atachi NGIMES is the truly Next Generation MES bringing the manufacturing companies to Industry 4.0 standard. NGIMES helps in realizing the goals of Manufacturing Digitalization |Manufacturing Digitization.

 NGIMES – The Next Generation Integrated MES in the cloud powered with SAP HANA platform for Manufacturing companies.  A cloud-based MES: NGIMES is quick to deploy and minimizes deployment, maintenance and licenses costs so you can maximize profits.

Focus on business, instead of IT dependencies.


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NGIMES (the next generation integrated mes in the cloud) empowers discrete and process manufacturing industries with complete integrated solution(s). With traditional MES solutions,
you pay additional fees for mobility, support, licenses and real-time report features. With NGIMES, all are included in the package.


NGIMES is highly configurable Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.  NGIMES can be quickly deployed for the bulk drugs, API, formulation and packaging sections of the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. NGIMES is an MES in the cloud for pharmaceutical manufacturing. NGIMES generates the eBMR (electronic Batch Manufacturing Record) as the batches are processed on the floor with simple definition and configuration of Batch Manufacturing Record items.  NGIMES cuts down the validation cost of the MES implementations with quicker deployments and eliminating the IT infrastructure.


  • Eliminates the data integrity issues
  • Reduced CAPA (corrective and preventative action) incidents
  • Reduces customer warranty claims
  • Improves the OEE (Operational Equipment Efficiency)
  • In-built features for US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance


Medical Devices and

Cloud-based mes (NGIMES) for MD&D comes with electronic signatures, electronic device history records and other FDA-compliant features to help streamline quality product development.


  • Quick to configure for compliance
  • Significant savings with scalability
  • Highly adaptive to fast process changes

"Automatic optical inspection machine, inspects vials and ampoules for particulates in liquid and container defects. The photo was shot through the plexiglass, from hygiene and safety reasons! Open machine will not work! Soft focus and Shallow DOF."

Glass Manufacturing

Glass Manufacturing is a fast moving highly automated production environment where the operational parameters, equipment defects need to be captured faster than the product movement so that production wastage can be reduced. Precision in inspecting the defective products is a key to improve the profitability. CAPA (Corrective action and Preventative Action) is a key functionality where the defective products that are used for packaging of pharma or food and beverages need to be compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. Generation of alerts for Non-Conforming products or fluctuations in the operating parameters beyond specifications is highly needed to reduce the dependence on the human intervention to stop producing the defective products.


  • Reduced CAPA (corrective and preventative action) incidents
  • Reduces customer warranty claims
  • Improves the OEE (Operational Equipment Efficiency)
  • Improves the Yield
  • Provides the Manufacturing insights with defects distribution for Equipment



Our MES solution for electronics manufacturing is designed for rapid response to the critical and competitive demands of short product life cycles.[/image_with_text]


  • Accelerates time to market
  • Scales with your operations
  • No costly upfront investment


Automotive industry has been swamped with several product recalls almost every few months.  The top automotive manufacturers couldn’t become an exception for the product recalls. NGIMES provides the real-time insights into the manufacturing operations to avoid the product recalls and CAPA (Corrective and Preventative actions). NGIMES’ highly scalable MES solution makes it easier than ever to collect, collate and act on high volumes of complex data, and make it shareable across your organization.


  • In-built SPC for any data collection
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Reduced customer warranty claims