Rapid Ramp-Up. Rigorous Quality Control.

In the field of electronic manufacturing, businesses want good work done quickly. Electronic equipment needs to be produced fast, so it can hit the market when customers want them. Good thing speed is exactly where Atachi NGIMES thrives.

In an industry that requires short product life cycles, NGIMES works in the cloud to create rapid responses. With access to real-time information, managers can monitor production and create instant strategies for improving their company.

Meet market demands, increase output and raise ROI by utilizing an MES-in-the-cloud solution from Atachi. From the shop floor to an office, vital data can be viewed anywhere. And because the information is current, decision-making can be done to create instant results.

It’s all about speed and production in electronic manufacturing, and nobody is quicker or generates better results than Atachi NGIMES.

What You Get

  • Improved visibility through the value chain
  • Cost-effective time to market
  • Facilitates time-sensitive decision making
  • Manufacturing flexibility

How You Benefit

  • Increased shop floor output
  • Instant access to real time information
  • Cost-effective time to market
  • Facilitates time-sensitive decision making

Interested to see how NGIMES can boost production for an electronic manufacturing company? Contact Atachi today to learn more.

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