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At Atachi Systems we believe that manufacturing the product with the quality confined to the 4 walls of the Factory is not enough. It is very important to listen to the experiences of the customers with the products. The customer experience is the truly powerful paradigm that aligns/shifts the business journey of the manufacturer in the long-run. After more than a decade working as IT partners with a broad range of manufacturing companies to evaluate and integrate MES software on the leading platforms, we’ve developed a powerful and scalable cloud-based MES solution leveraging the power of SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Seamless Setup. Minimal Risk. Quality User Experience.

Spelled out, Atachi NGIMES is a Next-Generation In-Memory Manufacturing Execution System. Because it is cloud-based, it offers a painless way to implement paperless processes to collect data, track progress and manage documentation. It’s also quick to set up, easy to use and cost efficient. Cloud-based MES dismisses the need for complex IT systems in fast-changing hardware and software life cycle management environments.

Not only will you gain high visibility and improve operational efficiencies on the plant floor, you can simplify and hasten the selection process. NGIMES does not require investments in additional servers or IT maintenance.

It’s flexible enough to serve complex manufacturing companies of all sizes without disrupting existing infrastructure. Integration is seamless with your other applications, either on the cloud or on the premises.

MES for Industry 4.0.

Manufacturing Execution Systems is not any more simply looking at some KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and taking the decisions to improve the quality of the product. With all the fast changing dynamics of the customer’s expectations, it’s all about what kind of experience the customer has about the product. What kind of information I have about a particular product? How fast does the manufacturing company react to the customer’s complaint? How do you (as a manufacturer) adhere to FDA and cGMP guidelines?
To manufacture a product that is strictly compliant with FDA regulations and falls within the cGMP guideline, it takes the manufacturing insights beyond the 4 walls of the factory:

  • Look at the supplier quality
  • Continuously listen to the customer’s feedback, complaints, more often customer has more information about the product that helps in reshaping the product
  • Stop the product before leaving the door and ensure that all the NCR (Non-conformance reports) are addressed
  • Ensure that all the data coming from different value chain factors: business applications, environment, processes, people is intact
  • Stop product recalls and address them quickly before liabilities affect the business and act for the product short supplies

In a nutshell, manufacturing today is a collaborative manufacturing that is smart enough to reduce waste and continuously add value to the customer. Strictly compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations or equivalent as per the industry and followed the cGMP practices.
Adding value to the customer demands continuous learning for every organization from the manufacturing insights that we develop as we collaborate with our manufacturing environment variables.

Atachi NGIMES Standard Operations Demo

Get the real-time manufacturing insights with the Atachi NGIMES platform irrespective of which Manufacturing Execution Systems (Rockwell FTPC, Siemens Camstar Manufacturing, SAP ME, etc.) do you use currently on the floor.