Faster MES implementations and Instant value realization with NGIMES

In today’s fast-moving global business environment, simply relying on some key performance indicators (KPIs) to make crucial business decisions isn’t going to cut it. You need a modern, MES for Industry 4.0 system that can keep pace with shifting customer preferences and strict quality demands. With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolutionizing manufacturing by leveraging intelligent, connected devices, there are even more opportunities to fine-tune operations with better data and tighter process integration.

NGIMES from Atachi Systems is the premier MES for the modern manufacturing environment. Leveraging the power of the SAP HANA cloud platform, NGIMES offers an efficient way to implement paperless processes to collect data, track progress and manage documentation with minimal risk. Real-time quality monitoring and built-in statistical process control (SPC) help reduce defects for better yields.

Precise, real-time track and trace functions provide end-to-end material visibility, helping you comply with regulations more easily, optimize inventory, and reduce costs. Embedded compliance documentation helps ensure regulatory compliance, including 21 CFR Part 11, across all manufacturing operations.

NGIMES for Advanced manufacturing control with end-to-end visibility

The shop floor of the future will be optimized through decentralized management. But for the separate systems to function efficiently, various disciplines in manufacturing need to come together at the same time. That means future MES systems must accommodate by coordinating the demands of employees and machines so that information processes can be optimally managed.

The cloud-based NGIMES platform offers a quality user experience, allowing you to effectively manage manufacturing operations using a single unified system. End-to-end supply chain and production visibility enable you to stay on top of every material movement and changes in production data across the enterprise.

NGIMES offers seamless setup and does not require investments in additional servers or IT maintenance. It’s flexible enough to serve complex manufacturing companies of all sizes without disrupting existing infrastructure. Integration is seamless with your other applications, either on the cloud or on the premises.

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