19 Nov Investment in robotics highlights evolving auto technology

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Technology is constantly evolving, and the new innovations that are being developed can radically modify how business is done. Automobile manufacturing has gone through many of these changes already, with more modifications to the industry on the horizon. As companies look to increase productivity while lowering costs, their investment into technology is expected to grow.

Toyota recently made one of the largest technological investments the automotive industry has ever seen. In early November, the Japanese automaker announced it had invested $1 billion in robotics, looking to continue their push to be the industry’s leader in self-driving vehicles and other technologies involving artificial intelligence. The money will partially go to new research facilities and manufacturing plants in Palo Alto, California, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. The new buildings will have approximately 200 employees and begin work in January.

Previously, Toyota had announced partnerships through a $50 million investment with prestigious universities in those cities – Stanford and Harvard – to assist in the research of artificial intelligence, Manufacturing.Net reported.

Changing how cars are built and driven
In a new release, Toyota’s CEO and executive technical advisor, Dr. Gill Pratt, detailed three goals for the auto manufacturer as a result of its investment in robotics. Gill said that with the assistance of artificial intelligence, Toyota wants to:

  • Improve driver and passenger safety by lowering the chances a car will be involved in an accident.
  • Make driving more accessible for everyone, despite their abilities on the road.
  • Use Toyota’s technology to people travel not only outdoors, but also indoors. This would be especially useful for senior citizens who have difficulty seeing or controlling machinery.

“Toyota recently made one of the largest technological investments the automotive industry has ever seen.”

Dr. Pratt will be leading the research in both California and Massachusetts, Car and Driver reported. The goal is that Toyota can create a robot-controlled vehicle that is both safe to ride in and is focused on the conservation of resources.

Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s president, said in the news release the company is taking advantage of updated technology to better their overall product.

“As technology continues to progress, so does our ability to improve products,” Toyoda said. “At Toyota, we do not pursue innovation simply because we can; we pursue it because we should. It is our responsibility to make life better for our customers, and society as a whole.”

By decreasing the chances a car is in an accident, Toyota is hoping to make the road safer for everybody. That is why Pratt stressed his three goals, stating that innovations will make vehicles safer for poor drivers and those who have physical setbacks.

The value of cloud software
The research Toyota is doing will have ramifications on the entire automobile industry. However, to turn the information gained about robotics and artificial intelligence into great change, a business must have a modern manufacturing software solution. The ability to reduce costs while overseeing production can help a business focus its resources on innovations such as self-driving vehicles.

Atachi NGIMES is the leader for automotive manufacturers. The cloud-supported technology provides instant access to shareable analytics, so that industry leaders can examine development and measure productivity. NGIMES also helps companies such as Toyota integrate regulatory requirements, so that the new robotics technology stays up to date with safety standards.

Given how quickly technology evolves, a company investing so much money cannot afford to be left behind because of an oversight. Atachi NGIMES makes sure an error does not take place for an automotive manufacturing business, ensuring high-quality work while costs remain down.

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