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The saying “time is money” especially applies to small and mid-sized manufacturers. Given how quickly technology can change, being left behind a trend or innovation can be detrimental to a company’s bottom line. And in no way is that more obvious than when studying businesses that use cloud-based computing platform versus those that don’t.

Having the cloud allows a business to a utilize the full capabilities of a modern manufacturing execution systems. Cloud-based MES give workers the ability to share data and update workflow instantaneously. It also gives executives a greater understanding of how operations on the plant floor are going and what changes can be made to improve production and profits. The cloud connects every element of a business so decisions can be made quicker and with more background knowledge than ever before.

Working faster and saving time can make all the difference for a manufacturer – a reason upgrading to cloud technology is so vital.

Information leads to sales
One of the primary values of cloud technology is how quickly the software can analyze data and produce valuable insights. Instead of spending days reviewing spreadsheets, looking for trends or studying expense accounts wondering why the company did not realize its projected profits, a well-rounded MES can review analytics and help a business gain a stronger understanding of its own strengths and weaknesses.

The knowledge gained from reviewing business in this manner can help in the sales process, Forbes contributor Louis Columbus explained. Developing a strategy based off insights created from the cloud allows a company to provide facts and intelligence to clients and materials providers. The cloud gives manufacturers the ability to customize data sources, dashboards and reports, so specific information is delivered in real time, when necessary.

An integrated MES has the ability to improve how manufacturers operate. A 2015 study by Gartner and the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association showed that 57 percent of manufacturing companies focus their MES investments on their own enterprise, looking for insights that can enhance how their business operates. As more information is collected and more sales are made, the faster cloud technology can be put to work.

Speed of manufacturing Cloud  technology can speed up workflow within a manufacturing business.

Having an instant impact
Manufacturing professionals will find that when they upgrade to cloud-based MES software, they begin seeing immediate results. Unlike other platforms, which require a significant amount of time to collect information, cloud MES begin working for a company right from the start. The speed at which the programs work helps manufacturers improve production practices and implement important changes.

Ed Talerico, industry strategy director at Infor, told Manufacturing Engineering magazine that any business looking to save time and upgrade its performance needs to turn to cloud-based software.

“Cloud-based enterprise resource planning provides speedy ‘time to value,’ defined as the time it takes after a launch before customers realize gains associated with their investments,” Talerico said. “Because cloud solutions can be provisioned very quickly and there are no delays due to hardware, server or resource concerns, users start seeing benefits almost immediately.”

By adapting cloud technology that benefits a company instantaneously, manufacturers give themselves a leg up on the competition. Being able to quickly adjust how a company operates or methods used to make sales can transform any business into an industry leader.

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