Fraudulent activity noticed at about job postings from Atachi Systems – 09/28/2023:

Note to the Candidates seeking employment with Atachi Systems:

There is a website doing a fraudulent job posting activity. Several candidates have been applying for the jobs posted on Atachi Systems has not authorized either this website: or any other job posting agencies.

Sanity check for all the jobs posted with Atachi Systems –

  • “All the jobs posted anywhere on the internet shall be available on our website: too”.
  • Without a human being talking to the candidate at least in two interviews, an offer letter will not be issued.
  • Atachi Systems doesn’t need and will not ask any direct deposit information, driver license or social security information until the candidate was offered a genuine offer letter after completion of at least 2 interviews performed by human beings and officially one has joined the company.

Atachi Systems has No Financial or Legal Liability to the Candidates –

Please don’t submit any personal or confidential information too either website bots or chat agents or via phone spammers. Atachi Systems doesn’t have any liability towards the victims of these fraudulent activities on the internet.

Atachi Chatbot

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