Advancements in 3-D printing change how manufacturing plants will produce materials. With the technology continuing to expand and new uses of the printers emerging on a regular basis, manufacturers have found creative ways to put the machines to use. By investing heavily in the printers, companies in all fields are seeing immediate results and improved production. As the potential financial gain grows, the limits to which companies will go with these 3-D printers is also
When looking at the keys to growing a manufacturing business, there are several aspects industry leaders must take into account. Certain qualities may matter more to a company depending on the field they are in or how many products they manufacture per year. But overall, most within the industry agree that implementing digital technology and creating well-built products are major keys to a manufacturing company’s success. A recently released survey by Cisco emphasizes these points,
A question that resonates with business leaders in nearly every industry is a simple one: “What’s next?” Nobody knows exactly what the future has in store, but a company that can anticipate and prepare well for what may be to come will be in much better position than a competitor with a more laid-back approach. Understanding emerging technologies and having a guess to where the industry is going will, more often than not, be beneficial
Wearable medical devices make it easier for doctors to determine what is wrong with a patient.
One of the greatest uses for advanced technology has been in the health care sector. Doctors and other experts in the field now have new ways to treat illnesses and diseases, monitor their patients and improve the overall well-being of those who are sick. From devices like blood pressure monitors to wearables that can identify when a heart rate is too high, technology has completely changed the way in which modern health care is done.
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3D technology could change how auto manufacturing is done.
Automobile manufacturers are always on the lookout for the next great breakthrough to improve production and increase efficiency. For the last few years, those within the industry have speculated that 3D printing would be the next big trend, but developers struggled to determine how the technology would play a role in the creation of vehicles. Those issues have since been resolved, and 3D printing is set to play a huge part in the way manufacturing
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