MES for Tire Manufacturing

MES for Tire manufacturing | eBMR (electronic Batch Manufacturing Record) for Tire manufacturing

Tire manufacturers all-over-the-world are under continuous pressure to produce the High quality tires with stringent specifications for the customers increasing demand. Tire manufacturers constantly seek a competitive edge by delivering the latest high-tech products to technology-hungry consumers. Making sure that tire manufacturers accomplish higher Productivity and ensure that the stringent quality specifications are followed for the raw materials selection and process specifications are followed for the mixing operations is not an easy task. Every step of the process right from the raw material receiving, mixing, green tire building, tire curing and final inspection and shipping is key to ensure that the tires are produced at high quality with relevant compliance regulations as per the country e.g. federal motor vehicle safety standards FMVSS– NHSTA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) for USA. Compliance is crucial to avoid another Firestone recall incident for any manufacturer.

Tire manufacturers are continuously facing the challenges:

It is critical for every tire manufacturer to ensure the following:

Atachi NGIMES is the right MES for tire manufacturing that comes with the complete set of software applications to accomplish the above production goals and run the business profitably.