Atachi Professional Services for MES, IOT and SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Atachi has been delivering the state-of-the art professional services for the last 8 years to world’s leading manufacturing (Regulated and Non-Regulated) companies. Our professional services fall into three categories:

  • MES consulting:
    • Computer Systems Validation (CSV) for Medical Devices and Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals
    • MES Vendor Evaluation
    • MES applications Production support and Enhancements
    • Rockwell FTPC consulting
    • Siemens Camstar consulting
    • Third-party auditing for Pharma/Medical Devices Diagnostics for Data Integrity)
  • HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) consulting:
    • Single Sign On (SS) with OKTA integration
    • XS Application development
  • IOT (Internet of Things)/ IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things):
    • Wireless sensors
    • PLCs
    • HANA IOT services

At Atachi we have delivered successfully End-to-End MES implementation services right from MES vendor evaluation through MES production support & enhancements.

We have great deal of expertise in taking the Manufacturing 1.0 to Manufacturing 2.0 for the large enterprises.

Our complete spectrum of services will help you in leading either the Industry 4.0 journey or Manufacturing 1.0 to Manufacturing 2.0 or taking your applications to HANA Cloud Platform or building a digital enterprise strategy for your company around the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) or unleashing the power of IOT.

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Atachi Professional Services for NGIMES

At Atachi we place a high value on delivering a robust MES-in-the-cloud solution that reduces risk, keeps costs low, drives process efficiency and never compromises on quality.

We will work closely with you to devise an NGIMES project plan to make sure you get the most value for your investment. Our end-to-end services (optimal installation, education and deployment) are included in the package price of your NGIMES solution.

We bring years of MES implementation consulting and IT integration experience in an array of specialized manufacturing industries to enable seamless NGIMES delivery, specially configured to meet your needs.