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In today’s technological age, there are numerous devices that are crucial for manufacturers. However, it’s important to know which of these tools will help you in every aspect of your manufacturing business. The main challenge is learning how to optimize technology into your workforce and how to improve your overall manufacturing performance.

One of the more logical ways to approach manufacturing performance dilemmas is through manufacturing execution system technology. MES platforms continue to evolve, work faster and more efficiently to keep your business competitive. For most manufacturing facilities, information technology officers have likely at least considered the addition of MES. However, many operators and CIOs worry about the costs that come with these highly technical systems.

For small- to mid-sized manufacturing businesses, investing in MES might seem unattainable, but technology has advanced enough to make these tools more affordable through cloud-based systems. By working in the cloud, manufacturing facilities can streamline operations and worry less about storing critical data.

Cloud-based technology can make sense of your data to improve performance. Cloud-based technology can make sense of your data to improve performance.

Monitoring performance
A significant challenge for manufacturing facilities is being able to monitor performance and production units or sites from any location. This process usually needs an engineer to log in through a virtual private network or some sort of access protocol to troubleshoot issues and to monitor performance.

This can be a time-consuming process, which could cause downtime in your manufacturing facility. Instead, implementing cloud-based MES technology removes the need for VPNs and gives you real time information on production and performance. The system also alerts you on any issues that could be affecting equipment.

According to PPI magazine, manufacturers should focus on total plant efficiency and optimization strategies. This will help limit inventory levels of raw and intermediate materials, as well as finished goods. Adopting MES into your facility will provide solutions for these issues by expanding productivity, increasing efficiency and by reacting faster to meet the ever-changing needs of all your customers.

With the current economic climate, manufacturers are practically required to perform all of these tasks in the most efficient way possible. This can put a lot of strain on your business strategy, but this is exactly where MES comes into your business.

“MES has the ability to directly contribute to your quality by having the hard data to back up your decisions.”

Investing in quality
According to ATOS, an international IT services firm, it’s significantly more difficult to earn money than to spend it, which makes cost control essential. However, investing in an MES will drastically improve manufacturing performance by cutting down on errors, insufficient use of materials, downtime and other expensive miscalculations.

For small- to medium-sized manufacturers, quality has to be one of the primary goals as it is the biggest way to control your brand and reputation, the source reported. MES has the ability to directly contribute to your quality by having the hard data to back up your decisions. Using this thorough technology allows you to answer you most challenging manufacturing operations with data.

MES allows facility operators to store transactional data and test and process the information to provide more insights on how to streamline or improve overall performance. Quality is crucial in the manufacturing industry and using helpful data from MES technology will make sure you’re performing at maximum production efficiency.

ROI and the future
Manufacturers should always be thinking ahead to the future. This makes decisions on major investments a challenge because businesses don’t want to put their money into something that won’t be worthwhile in the future.

Being cost-effective is a great quality for CIOs, but sometimes it takes an investment to improve quality. Taking on MES is one of the best ways for you look to the future for your company. Like any IT system, you have to know what features will impact you the most and provide the best ROI. This is why so many manufacturers are investing in the cloud and MES protocols to improve their manufacturing performance.

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