Why Should Manufacturers Consider a Cloud- based Manufacturing Execution System (MES)? By Mekala S Rao New  Product Introductions (NPI) have  helped  fuel technological advancement  in  the   manufacturing industry.   As  the  market for  high-quality  compliant products with higher throughputs expands, manufacturers  have   had   to   work   with   reduced margins to keep pace. As a result, manufacturers now depend more   heavily  on  Manufacturing  Execution Systems (MES). MES  systems  are   difficult  to  evaluate,  and   have been   expensive  to  own
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Atachi Systems Announces Availability of Its NGIMES Cloud Application for Manufacturing, Running on SAP HANA® Cloud Platform, Now Live on SAP® Store NGIMES Delivers Performance, Scalability and Cost-Efficiency to Manufacturing Operations SAN JOSE, Calif. — August 04, 2015 — Atachi Systems today announced availability of its NGIMES, a next-generation application for manufacturing execution systems (MES), which runs on SAP HANA® Cloud Platform. The solution provides customers real-time visibility of their manufacturing operations, delivering performance, scalability
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The integral transition to cloud platforms has moved the manufacturing industry into a new kind of digital revolution. Much like the dramatic overhaul of industrial processes that occurred with the advent of mechanization and the assembly line centuries ago, the cloud offers a wave of opportunities for manufacturers that integrate their operations accordingly. The Economist calls this transformation the “third industrial revolution” for its capacity to streamline manufacturing processes from the production floor and throughout
Today, I was engaged in a discussion with a client on where the Operational Data Store (ODS) issues get started.  This discussion led to the question if there is a need for a separate ODS to relieve businesses from associated sluggish effects. Traditional MES systems come with the concept of OLTP (Online Transactional Processing) and OLAP (Online Analytical databases). OLTP databases are used only for the transactional purposes and OLAP is used for reporting purposes.
NGIMES 1.0 is listed on the SAP HANA marketplace with screenshots and additional information.