Atachi  is exhibiting and speaking at the 2nd Manufacturing Excellence Summit Conference conference in Mumbai, India from September 28th  to 29th , 2015. Atachi Systems also led a conference workshop at the event that was focused on “Configurable and Simple MES Design and Modeling”. 2nd Manufacturing Exceence was attended by 100 MES professionals that held titles such as Director of MES, MES Project Lead, Director of IT, MES Program Manager, Senior MES Speaclist and many more.
The saying “time is money” especially applies to small and mid-sized manufacturers. Given how quickly technology can change, being left behind a trend or innovation can be detrimental to a company’s bottom line. And in no way is that more obvious than when studying businesses that use cloud-based computing platform versus those that don’t. Having the cloud allows a business to a utilize the full capabilities of a modern manufacturing execution systems. Cloud-based MES give workers the ability to
Cloud Technology
Operating on a cloud-based MES platform gives you the chance to use any mobile device for communication or collaboration.
For the medical device manufacturing industry, perhaps the most important goal is to maintain quality throughout the production stage. No matter the size of the manufacturing operation, quality is always the key to pleasing current customers and obtaining new ones. Jason Knight, a senior manager of quality engineering at Kinetic Concepts Inc. and contributing author for Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry, said the more importance placed on quality, the more likely a manufacturer will save on repeated
Cloud Technology
MES in the cloud could be the right investment for your manufacturing facility.
There are plenty of obstacles small- to medium-sized manufacturers must face today. Technology has made manufacturers more efficient now than ever before, which unfortunately means downtime costs companies even more than it used to. However, the manufacturing industry is not one to simply lie down and accept this as fact. Instead, this sector continues to succeed through quickly implemented changes. Being adaptable is absolutely necessary to stay competitive and thriving in the industry. That is why it
Cloud Technology
Working in the cloud could provide immediate benefits.
Small- to medium-sized businesses know the importance of keeping operations cost-effective. Whether your company is just getting started or has been in the game for years, improving your manufacturing operations is essential. However, the challenge many people have with this notion is keeping new manufacturing processes lucrative without investing every last dime into technology. One area continuing to expand for facility operators and owners is manufacturing execution systems. More often than not, manufacturers are at least
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