Executives of manufacturing companies are always looking for ways to reduce the cost of their supply chain. If they can somehow lower the amount of money and time it takes for a product to go from the developmental stage to manufacturing into the hands of consumers, the executive can raise profits and expand the company. The supply chain is the key to entire business, so lowering those costs – while still manufacturing high-quality goods –
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Technology is constantly evolving, and the new innovations that are being developed can radically modify how business is done. Automobile manufacturing has gone through many of these changes already, with more modifications to the industry on the horizon. As companies look to increase productivity while lowering costs, their investment into technology is expected to grow. Toyota recently made one of the largest technological investments the automotive industry has ever seen. In early November, the Japanese
One of the newest trends in automotive manufacturing are self-driving vehicles. Three different companies – Audi, Google and Delphi – are producing those types of cars, according to CNN Money. The vehicles are allowed on the road, but different states have varying legal requirements they must follow. For example, in California, a human driver is required to be behind the wheel in case the car has a problem. Wired magazine stated that The National Highway Safety
Changes to automobile manufacturing are likely to come as a result of the Volkswagen scandal.
The recent scandal involving Volkswagen and the ensuing resignations of several high-ranking company officials will serve as an eye-opener to the entire automobile manufacturing industry. A high-quality manufacturing execution system is more important than ever, but so is regulating the MES to ensure it is following federal safety and environmental guidelines. Having a modern, cloud-based solution can give auto manufacturers the confidence they are saving money while still producing high-quality work. With manufacturing costs expected
For a manufacturing business, lowering a product’s total cost of ownership (TCO) can be a major selling point to a customer. By creating a piece of technology that is affordable throughout the life of its use, a company can build client loyalty and showcase its reliability. Consumers want to know exactly what they are buying, and knowing how much maintenance or upgrades will cost over the course of a product’s use matters a lot. There
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