19 Aug 5 reasons to move your MES to the cloud

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Small- to medium-sized businesses know the importance of keeping operations cost-effective. Whether your company is just getting started or has been in the game for years, improving your manufacturing operations is essential.

However, the challenge many people have with this notion is keeping new manufacturing processes lucrative without investing every last dime into technology. One area continuing to expand for facility operators and owners is manufacturing execution systems. More often than not, manufacturers are at least exploring the idea of how MES-based software can improve the quality of their operations. On the other hand, remaining affordable can be a serious hurdle to jump for SMBs.

This has many SMB manufacturers looking at cloud-based MES software. In many ways, working in the cloud has its benefits over standard MES software. In particular, this sophisticated system can run from anywhere and provide real-time data.

Here are five more reasons to move your MES to the cloud:

1. Consistent at a high level
SMBs tend to struggle with maintaining delivery of high quality products. Additionally, it’s even more difficult to perform these operations at a fast pace. It’s up to manufacturers to use their materials in the most effective way to drive productivity, Solutions PT reported.

“Cloud-based MES solutions drive higher and more consistent quality products.”

While this can be a challenge, cloud-based MES solutions drive higher and more consistent quality products. With real-time data, businesses are able to make in-the-moment adjustments to improve manufacturing processes. This will limit faulty or deformed products in your facility.

2. Increase flexibility
In today’s manufacturing world, it pays to be flexible in your manufacturing facility. Through MES in the cloud, you’re able to improve quality and increase visibility in your day-to-day operations. This ultimately helps you reduce costs with remote access and data processing.

Working in the cloud makes it easier for facility operators to use the data to improve manufacturing operations. Simply put, you won’t have to rely on large investments in information technology by working with an MES partner who can access, troubleshoot and assist you with all your data. This gives you more flexibility with your payroll.

Cloud infrastructures are actually more secure than most believe.Cloud infrastructures are actually more secure than most believe.

3. Maintain security
Most believe traditional IT systems are the best at keeping data safe and secure. Additionally, there are a lot of misconceptions about storing data in the cloud. Sue Poremba, a contributor for Forbes, interviewed JP Morgenthal, director for Perficient, a technology and management consulting firm, about the false impressions of cloud-based software. Morgenthal said while many can publicly access the cloud, it doesn’t mean your specific firm’s infrastructure is easily breachable.

“The subsequent part of this that holds some truth is that there are not as many trained professionals with skills on how to secure cloud applications and, thus, there is a greater likelihood of a mistake in the configuration of a cloud environment,” said Morgenthal. “These mistakes are a lot more difficult to make in a private data center.”

4. Remain compliant
Compliance is another tricky task for SMBs with the number of government and industry regulations increasing. With the help of a cloud-based MES partner, you’re ensured to be up-to-date on new regulations in the manufacturing industry. MES in the cloud allows manufacturers to produce higher quality products while maintaining compliance and regulatory updates.

5. Prepared for the future
While there are numerous instant benefits to adopting your MES into the cloud, the system also helps you prepare for the future, LNS Research reported. With new trends in the market and additional software being released each year, you know you’ll be fully up to date by investing in the cloud. With the cloud, you can start a free trail to see how well MES can work for you.

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