President & Founder

Mekala is responsible for setting the company’s long-term strategic direction and leading the development of cost-effective, next-gen products designed to optimize Manufacturing Execution Systems across industries. He brings a broad range of expertise in the MES environment, which includes developing, deploying, integrating and supporting MES solutions and ERP applications.

Early in his career, Mekala developed specialties in solution implementations and production support for leading MES applications, as well as, Supply Chain Management applications. During the last two decades Mekala has managed the complete portfolio of services and delivered solutions to an array of manufacturing and repair industry verticals, which includes Medical Devices & Diagnostics manufacturing, Electronics, Metals and Food & Beverage manufacturing.

Sr. Director, Biz Development

Nipul is responsible for Business Development for Atachi Systems. With a Masters in Materials and Logistics Management, Nipul has consulted with several Fortune 100 companies in their supply chain management issues.

Nipul is also a huge proponent of “Internet of Everything” and strongly believes that small to medium size businesses have the greatest opportunity to leverage the internet to their competitive advantage. Cloud based MES is no exception and for those who do embrace it, the future is full of opportunities.